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I am a Photographer... Most importantly I am a Mom of two funniest kiddos ever... I have been interested in photography since I can remember. I got more serious about it when I got my first 35mm camera in my early 20's, then my first digital SLR years later when my kids were born. Sylvia and I started in 2010 taking photos of newborn babies, then moms to be, then ventured into older kids.

I love newborn babies, their squishy little toes and purity. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to focus on newborn photography. It takes a lot of patience to pose these little angels, and as a mom, I certainly developed that part of me :)

I believe people are good in nature. I try to see the good in everyone I meet. Some facts that you might think make me a unique photographer: I grew up in Poland, moved here in my mid-twenties. I hold a Computer Information degree. Yes, you might think, what a computer geek doing with photography? Well, I am a Gemini and have discovered my other side who needs an artistic outlet, so here I am! I have spent numerous hours educating myself about photography, I have taken courses that teach about newborn photography, have done almost 100 newborn sessions and now I am here ready to photograph you and your family.

I am addicted to coffee. Some call me a coffee snob. Yes, I spent way to much on Starbucks, however, I would not survive without it. 

I love cold weather, snow, book in my hand and a warm blanket.

I love hiking, skiing, fireplaces and hot cocoa (after coffee of course). Anything really that has to do with mountains and winter. You might wonder.... Yes, I live in Florida! 

I would be honored to be your family photographer, please contact me at or fill out a contact form. 

You can see more of my work on Anna Feltman Photography website.